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Tecnology + 70 years’ experience

Now more than ever, people in the Front Line need us. TEXIN MEDICAL garments protect the lives of those who wear them using the best available technologies and world-class manufacturing. We have available options to supply PPE to our medical sector heroes: Coveralls, facemasks and surgical suits.


* Available only for Canada and USA


Technology: DuPont™Tyvek® 1222A

DuPont™Tyvek® 1222A fabric (100% high density polyethylene). Non-woven textile, made of continuous polyethylene fibers joined by flash spun method, with antistatic treatment. .


TEXIN MEDICAL coveralls and isolation gowns made with  DuPont™Tyvek® 1222A feature: Unique Material, Comfort and Protection.


Unique material: Strong, light, flexible, smooth, does not shed fibers, opaque, does not degrade with water, chemicals, abrasion or aging.


Comfort: Differences between fibers create spaces throughout the material’s thickness. These spaces allow steam and air to flow, but create a tortuous path which blocks particles.


Protection: Barrier protection throughout the material. 100% of the material is protective, as opposed to just a layer or coating.

DuPont™, the oval DuPont logo and Tyvek® are trademarks or registered trademarks of DuPont or its affiliates. Copyright © 2020 DuPont de Nemours Inc.


Technology: Milliken™ BioSmart™

Harnessing the Antimicrobial Power of EPA-Registered Chlorine Bleach: Milliken™ BioSmart™ technology makes it simple and practical to integrate protection into common medical garments and products.

* For USA and Canada

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