70 years of history


· Social commitment  · Integrity

· Passion · Respect


· We create exceptional garments that serve our clients’ and users’ needs for safety, identity and image.


· Innovate. Achieve each team member’s growth. Create value for our clients. Respect the environment.



Every enterprise begins with an idea.

Some remain there, others achieve recognition. Some go down in history and there are also some that loose their way… Today, we share with you that after 70 years, we are keep writing our history…

Our idea was formed in Hidalgo, Mexico where we operate from our facility to service México and more than 9 countries.


We began manufacturing shirts and continously adding more products of interest to our clients. After years of experience and derived from the constant endeavor to offer specialized products, in 1995 we began to manufacture protective garments for international markets such as U.S.A and Canadá, It was the best possible formative experience.


We are deeply grateful to all the team

Texin is based on three pillars, which drive the company: resilience, commitment and constant evolution.

As we look back on time, we realize that not all that shines is gold and that the road has not been simple at all. We can proudly state that every crisis has made us stronger.


Now, with our  TEXIN FR®, brand, we have dedicated our efforts for the past years to protecting the lives of people who work in environments exposed to risks, in the most reliable way, together with our team members.


We are excited about the future and will continue to build the best for our clients, allies and team members of whom we are extremely proud.

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