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· Effective Protective Garment Implementation

· End user training 

· Risk Analysis

· Norm Documents Development


· Effective Protective Garment Implementation

Why is this course important?

· Learn the steps to follow for an adequate implementation

· Have a clear strategy for selecting protective garment

· Understand the manufacturing process of protective garments

· Know the supply chain and plan accordingly

· Which risks do different technologies protect from

· Know the types and differences of existing technologies

· Understand fibers and compositions and how they react to risks

· Basic retroreflectivity concepts

· End user training

What will your team members learn?

· Main differences between Uniforms vs. Protective Garments

· Importance of garments for arc and flash fire risks

· Main thermal risks protected by fire resistant (FR) garments

· Identify garment selection strategy

· Videos and analysis of real life incidents

· Skin reactions vs. risks exposure

· First aid for burns

· Main norms, standards and lab tests for protection technologies

· Risk Analysis

Talk to us! Our experts will help you make the best decision considering:


· Areas, types and levels of risk

· Delivery times

· Colors

· Technologies (fabrics)

· Norm documents development

· Form a multidisciplinary team and create the ideal protective garment norm for your company.


Deliverable: Technical manual for HS

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